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Occasional rants

August 22, 2008

Water drop on a leaf

Source: Photophilde

Recently, my perceptions of certain group of people have been coloured by the current religious and political events of our country. The group includes some of my close friends. I am ashamed of my narrow minded thinking. I was wondering why humans have so little control over their minds. They are easily swayed by the slightest of the impulses. Trivial incidents and events which have no personal relation could seriously damage even life-long relationships.

I remember my talk with the vipassana teacher during Q&A session at Vippassana meditation centre. On being asked why I should close my eyes while meditating, teacher explained me that whatever one sees even for a fraction of second-it may be the expression of person before us, person himself, or for that matter any thing which we like or dislike-is capable of swaying the mind at that spur of the moment. If such slight impulses could disturb our mind, think of what news of serious political, religious and sociological events and happenings criss-crossing our daily lives could do to our minds.  May be because of that I find myself restless and agitated after reading newspaper or watching news in TV. Now I understand why the organisers of the meditation course were insisting on keeping away all these tools of perturbation to lead undisturbed lives. But I feel that it is too impractical a solution.

Observing these emotional issues with a sense of objective detachment might help us in not getting influenced by them. Or, as one of my friends has observed in her post, preventing oneself from taking an extreme stance on any issue leaving room for alternative thinking might help us in developing a liberal attitude.

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  1. August 23, 2008 1:11 pm

    “Observing these emotional issues with a sense of objective detachment might help us in not getting influenced by them.”

    Very true.

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