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It was not so long after all!

April 7, 2015

These days I have been reading many interesting articles on long exposure photography. I was curious to try my hand in blue-hour photography. I even bought a tripod recently for the purpose. I have been planning an early morning shoot of tank bund since a couple of weeks but you know how difficult it is to get up early especially on weekend days.  But this week I was determined to get over my laziness and see if I could catch the blue hour pics using kit lens (only lens I have with me right now). So on Friday night, I decided that I would set out for the shoot next day morning. I asked Harshith, my younger son, to accompany me for assistance. We have decided to reach the location around 5 am and have at least 1-2 hours of photo shoot.

Unfortunately we got up a bit late next morning. By the time we woke up it was already 5 am but we managed to reach tank bund at around 5.20 am. It was still dark and we could see a few morning joggers around already. As I took my tripod out and set it up, people around us looked inquisitively. I took a couple of trial shots from the place where I parked my car.IMG_5038 IMG_5039 IMG_5040   

Then we crossed the road, placed the tripod near the tank bund rails and shot a couple of amazing shots. The pics came out nearly as I planned earlier. The vehicular light also enhanced the effect. IMG_5042IMG_5051 

I made elaborate plans earlier for this photo shoot. The primary aim of the shoot was to catch the golden street light falling on the tank bund rails and I had certain fixed ideas on composition as well (converging lines).  Within 10 minutes of our arrival at the location, the sky began to lighten up.


 I cursed myself for being late. Had I started a little earlier, I would have taken more blue-hour shots, I bemoaned. However I managed to take a few golden hour shots of placid waters and misty landscape around the lake. Overall, my first experience in the long-exposure photography has been pleasing, though I thought it would have been much better if I had enough time to take more blue-hour shots.

Yes, I have learnt my lessons!

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